Live football betting

If you have no idea where to put your money or are just looking for more thrills and excitement, then live betting is an option. This involves betting on the basis of what you see on the pitch during the match. It’s a question of good timing and a dose of guts. Anything can happen. Perhaps the star player will get injured or receive a red card. 

What are odds?

An important part of sports betting is understanding odds and finding the best ones. Odds are the same as quotations or odds. These numbers indicate how much money you can potentially win when making a bet. For example, you bet  $10 and the odds for this bet are 2.00. If your prediction comes true, you win £10×2=£20. You have therefore made a profit of £10 because you have bet £10. 

The higher the odds, the more you win. The odds also indicate how much more likely it is that a team will win. The bookies calculate all this and assign higher odds to outcomes that are less likely to actually happen. For example: Ajax has often become champion of the Eredivisie, so Ajax’s odds will often be lower than PEC Zwolle’s. 

Tips for betting on football matches online

Is the world of sports betting completely new to you? Then you can probably use some tips! 

Tip 1: Don’t just go by your gut 

Everyone has a favourite club and we know better than anyone that club love runs deep. However, it is not wise to always bet on your club winning. It’s hard to accept, but your club is not always the best. If you focus purely on the facts and statistics, you can often make more profitable decisions. It is also interesting to bet on other clubs in perhaps lesser known tournaments. 

Tip 2: Look at past matches 

Have the teams faced each other before? How did these duels go? This information can help you enormously. 

Tip 3: Think about your strategy and betting 

Always keep in mind that you can lose. It is therefore not advisable to take too much risk and bet hundreds of euros on a bet. With smart bankroll management (organisation of your betting budget) and research, you can avoid being broke in no time. 

Tip 4: Compare the odds 

The odds can vary between bookmakers. So it’s wise to look for the best odds before you bet. Remember: the lower the odds, the less you’ll get paid. But the lower the odds, the more likely this team is to win. 

Betting on football at Jack’s

Where can you bet on football? At Jack’s, of course! You can choose from a large number of competitions at both domestic and international level. 

Domestic football

Do you support Ajax or are you loyal to Feyenoord? Or maybe PSV is your favourite. Whichever Dutch club you support, you’ll find them all at Jack’s! You can place bets on Eredivisie matches and also bet on the First Division. 

European leagues

We don’t stop at betting on Dutch football. Football fans also have the choice between various top European leagues. These include the British Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga and many more. And at Jack’s we go a step further, because also for lesser known leagues outside of Europe you are at the right address. How about the Japanese J. League Cup or Maltese First Division? The possibilities are endless!

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