Betting on Darts? #1 Best Odds 

You have probably tried a game of darts in the pub. It is a fun activity for between drinks, but did you know that in the Netherlands there are also top level darts players? Darts is much more than just throwing darts. There is a lot of strategy and calculation involved. It is also a great spectator sport. So sit back on the couch and turn on that TV. And don’t forget , because a little wager can make the battle incredibly exciting. Don’t know where to start? 

Point count in darts: 

  • The inner ring (triple) is x3 points. 
  • The outer ring (double) is x2 points. 
  • The bull’s eye (the rose) is 50 points. 
  • The highest possible score is 180. For this you throw triple 20. 

The first dart to reach exactly 0 wins the round. It should always be exactly 0 and the game should always end with a double. It is always decided beforehand how many legs will be played. The player who wins the most legs is the overall winner of the tournament. 

Darts bet: what are the possibilities?

Want to bet on darts? Check the darts betting possibilities below and check website to see the odds. 

Predicting the winner 

The question with outright betting is simple: who will win the tournament? You can also bet on your favourite player per game. 

Total legs and sets 

Darters have to win several legs to win the tournament. Usually this is best of 7 or best of 9. Sometimes they also talk about sets, similar to sets in tennis. Often 3 legs are needed to win. 

Most 180s 

To reach 0 quickly, dart players try to throw the highest score (180 points) as much as possible. 

  • Correct score 
  • What will be the exact score? 
  • Highest checkout 
  • Predict who will throw the highest checkout. 
  • King of the Oche 

The darter with the highest checkout, 180’s and the winner is also the King of the Oche! 

Major darts tournaments

Betting World Championship darts: PDC World Championship 

This World Championship of Darts is an international tournament. It is held annually since 1994. This prestigious tournament traditionally starts in late December and ends in early January. It is the most popular darts tournament and therefore the most darts bets are placed on it. The odds for the World Cup can be found on the website a few weeks prior to the event. Naturally, the draw for the World Cup must first have taken place before the odds and quotations can be determined. World Series of Darts 

This is originally a Dutch championship. Michael van Gerwen won the World Series of Darts in 2015,2016,2017 and 2019. For the time being, van Gerwen was the only Dutchman guaranteed to participate in the tournament. 

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