Alaskan Fishing

Rows of Casino Slot Machines with Shallow Depth of Field. Las Vegas Gambling Theme.

The graphical appearance changes when we are in normal game mode and when we are in bonus mode. Although the graphics in both scenarios are normal and don’t really blow the user’s mind. However, the whole game is very coherent with the theme of someone fishing in Alaska. Every element of the game is coupled with each other. 

The sounds are reminiscent of a kind of American rodeo. They are fast and persistent sounds. There is no sound ambience as such in the game. What stands out the most is the prize winning chicharrah. Each button has its own sound. It would take more than that to be able to say that the game has good music. 

The animations we see when the combinations are presented are interesting. We can watch planes take off, fishing rods move, eagles take a long flight, fish move in the water, and so on. This detail is one of the highlights of the game, it makes it look dynamic.

Game Mechanics

Alaskan Fishing is a classic slot game with a 3X5 system. Three horizontal lines and five columns. This game interface is very intuitive, it does not have so many buttons, in addition, it has the particularity that these are located on the right side of the screen, as a column. At the bottom of the screen we can see the available credits, as well as the payouts and the value of the bet. 

There are only five buttons here: the menu, the autoplay, the play button, quick spin and bet selection. In this sense, we don’t have to fiddle with many of the game’s features. We have 243 payout combinations for adjacent lines. Try it out at colbet casino.

Bonuses, Wilds and Free Bets

There is a special bonus in this slots game, which is triggered when we have at least three scatters on the screen, the loot symbol with free spins. If we get the bonus we automatically receive 15 free spins.    

All winnings are calculated by two when we are in the free games mode. In this game it is possible to re-trigger the bonus within the bonus, so the loot figures will be available in case we happen to get more free spins.

There is another bonus called fly fishing, where we can select a few points to get considerable winnings. 

Bet Type and RTP

There is only one button to select from a betting range with limits determined by each casino. We are missing payline buttons, coin denomination buttons, among other features that would make this game better. Simplicity cannot be taken to such extremes in a modern slots game.

The RTP of Alaskan Fishing is close to 96.5%. It has a low volatility. You can try to see if you get prizes in the free bonus games, which seems to be the return to player possibility that pays out the most prizes.      

How to Play

All you have to do is select your bet from a few options provided by the game and then hit the play button in the centre right hand side of the screen. This game, as I said, is very simple. We can program the autoplay if we wish.

In the game there will appear many wild figures, which are the logo of the game, the more wilds we can get on the screen we can increase the combinations of the game and get big payouts.    


Perhaps Alaskan Fishing was one of the best games when it was released around 2009, but we see that over time it has fallen a little behind the most recent slot game updates. Perhaps we could be seeing a newer version of this game soon, many slots fans would be keen to see it.

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