20 Super Hot

This is a classic game with a modern design. The graphics are detailed, but at the same time sober and simple. There is a use of shadows on the outside of the symbols, the fruits. In this kind of games there is not much to invent, so it is very important that the quality of the game prevails over an interesting visual and sound support, without so many pretensions. This is what this game does very well. 

In the sound we can hear the spinning of the reels, the flashing of the coins that increase when a generous win occurs. When we press a bet or a button we hear the respective sound effects. In this detail the game takes great care of the user interface with the game, it tries to invite the user to continue playing.

In the animations we can say something about the fire that flashes when we get a win. This animation gives the game a dynamic, more audiovisual image. Overall, it is a game made for the player who enjoys the most updated classic casino games of today.      

Game Mechanics

The game works with three horizontal positions for 5 reels or vertical reels. That is 3X5. The paylines are 20, and cannot be changed. They work from left to right, by linking adjacent reels into various shapes. Scatters operate randomly and do not require a specific line. 

On many of the prizes you can choose to double your win by picking a red or black card, if you lose you get nothing. The game has a doubling cap, depending on the value of the prize reward awarded.

Bonuses, Wilds and Free Bets

The prize in this game is a random jackpot called Jackpots cards, a type of free spin or free bet. It is a prize that appears at any time during the game after a bet has been completed. It consists of selecting and revealing twelve cards, from the four suits or levels (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades, the highest level).

At the top of the game each reward is shown for each level assigned. The prize won is the first set or suit we get after revealing the 12 cards of the bonus game one by one. 

Bet type and RTP

We have 5 denominations of bet value, with no possibility to increase the number of lines. At each bet level the multiplier rewards for hits of 3 or more combinations are increased.  

The RTP, or rate of return to player, for this game is 95.79%, which means that its volatility is average. We are constantly winning prizes, but there will be times when several spins go by without anything happening. This is at the expense of being able to win a special prize later on. 

How to Play

This game is simple, we have few buttons, on the left side there is a panel composed of the buttons: sound, full screen, information, automatic bet. In the middle we have the betting options, which are 5 different values. On the right side there is a Home button.

 To play just press any of the betting options buttons, the reels will spin automatically when we do so. If we only want to watch the results we can activate the autoplay option. The interesting thing about this game is that you can stop the reels if you press the button of your chosen bet during the course of the game.   


This is a classic game with the most important components, with good details and with a return bet to be considered by online casino players. This is for you if you like classic rewards with a chance of a jackpot at any point in the gaming session.

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