What are sports betting?

You put money on a certain prediction within for example football, tennis, hockey, formula 1 or another sport. Then it’s just a matter of patience to find out if you were right and if your sports bet is correct. 

For example, you can predict who will win or who might even draw… And that’s not all! There are many more possibilities that you might not have thought of. Exactly what you can bet on depends on the sport.

Sports betting at Casino in the Netherlands can be done on a variety of sports. Let’s take a look at the most popular sports.

Bet on Football

Are you crazy about football? Then get ready to bet, because the grass is always greener with us. You can bet on: the total number of corner kicks, the winning team, which player will score first and much more. Betting on sports becomes so much more fun, because you can really bet on the most bizarre events. Whether it’s the battle for the KNVB Cup, the Champions League or the World Cup, you’ve come to the right place for every match. So you don’t have to limit yourself to Dutch or European football! Not sure how to start? No worries, we will gladly give you an assist. Place your bets on football at Casino!

Tennis Betting

Even if you have never touched a racket, a tennis match is exciting to watch. The Grand Slam’s (Wimbledon, Roland Garros, US Open and Australian Open) attract millions of viewers each year. Betting on tennis on your favourite player is only a few clicks away. Will Federer, Djokovic or Williams win? Just enter the desired amount and place your bet! It can be that easy. Fifteen – Love!

Darts betting

One hundred and eighty! Darts, who hasn’t tried it? In the Netherlands there is high-level darts and we are proud of it. You probably know big names like Barney, van Duijvenbode, van Gerwen and Kleermaker. Of course at you can bet on various darts competitions. For example, predict whether the first dart will be thrown into a triple 20 or which darter will get the most 180s. Curious about darts betting and the odds? Check out our darts betting offer!

Betting on Formula 1

Betting on Formula 1 should also be included in this list. Casino is the title sponsor of the famous Racing Day. Every year racing fans look forward to Europe’s largest car, motorbike and kart racing event. The Formula 1 calendar is always full. So there are plenty of GP’s to choose from! Who do you think will conquer the pole position? Or do you dare to say which driver will be the big winner?

And that’s not all…

These are just a few of the games on offer in our Sportsbook. Fans of basketball, hockey, horse racing, volleyball and table tennis, for example, will also find their way to . Or maybe you’d like to bet on cycling. Take a look around, who knows your favourite sport will be among them.

Our partnerships & brand ambassadors

Concept of corruption and bets in football matches

At Casino, we love sports! To get others excited about it too, we’ve formed some great partnerships. We have already mentioned Racing Day. You’ve probably also heard of League, the Second Division league. And how about our partnership with international kickboxing organisation GLORY? We have been associated with this as a sponsor since 2019. It doesn’t stop here. We are very honoured and proud to be able to call Rafael van der Vaart and Robert Doornbos our ‘colleagues’. Sport brings people together and the more fun we can make it, the better!

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