How to bet online?

1. Register with a bookmaker To be able to place sports bets online, you must of course first register with a bookmaker. A bookmaker – i.e. a sports betting site – is an institution where you can bet money on sporting events. There are several bookmakers in the Netherlands today, all of which are licensed… Continue reading How to bet online?

What are sports betting?

You put money on a certain prediction within for example football, tennis, hockey, formula 1 or another sport. Then it’s just a matter of patience to find out if you were right and if your sports bet is correct.  For example, you can predict who will win or who might even draw… And that’s not… Continue reading What are sports betting?

Alaskan Fishing

Rows of Casino Slot Machines with Shallow Depth of Field. Las Vegas Gambling Theme.

The graphical appearance changes when we are in normal game mode and when we are in bonus mode. Although the graphics in both scenarios are normal and don’t really blow the user’s mind. However, the whole game is very coherent with the theme of someone fishing in Alaska. Every element of the game is coupled… Continue reading Alaskan Fishing

20 Super Hot

This is a classic game with a modern design. The graphics are detailed, but at the same time sober and simple. There is a use of shadows on the outside of the symbols, the fruits. In this kind of games there is not much to invent, so it is very important that the quality of… Continue reading 20 Super Hot

Live football betting

If you have no idea where to put your money or are just looking for more thrills and excitement, then live betting is an option. This involves betting on the basis of what you see on the pitch during the match. It’s a question of good timing and a dose of guts. Anything can happen.… Continue reading Live football betting

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